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Statutes Text

Article - Real Property


    (a)    In this article the following words have the meanings indicated unless otherwise apparent from context.

    (b)    “County” includes Baltimore City.

    (c)    “Deed” includes any deed, grant, mortgage, deed of trust, lease, assignment, and release, pertaining to land or property or any interest therein or appurtenant thereto, including an interest in rents and profits from rents.

    (d)    “Deed of trust” means only a deed of trust which secures a debt or the performance of an obligation, and does not include a voluntary grant unrelated to security purposes.

    (e)    “Grant” includes conveyance, assignment, and transfer.

    (f)    “Land” has the same meaning as “property”.

    (g)    “Landlord” means any landlord, including a “lessor”.

    (h)    “Lease” means any oral or written agreement, express or implied, creating a landlord and tenant relationship, including any “sublease” and any further sublease.

    (i)    “Mortgage” means any mortgage, including a deed in the nature of mortgage.

    (j)    “Person” includes an individual, receiver, trustee, guardian, executor, administrator, fiduciary, or representative of any kind, or any partnership, firm, association, public or private corporation, or any other entity.

    (k)    “Property” means real property or any interest therein or appurtenant thereto.

    (l)    “Purchaser” has the same meaning as buyer or vendee.

    (m)    “Tenant” means any tenant including a “lessee”.

    (n)    “Vendor” has the same meaning as seller.

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