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Statutes Text

Article - Public Utilities


    (a)    It is the intent of the General Assembly to:

        (1)    recognize the economic, environmental, fuel diversity, and security benefits of renewable energy resources;

        (2)    reduce greenhouse gas emissions and eliminate carbon–fueled generation from the State’s electric grid by using these resources;

        (3)    establish a market for electricity from these resources in Maryland; and

        (4)    lower the cost to consumers of electricity produced from these resources.

    (b)    The General Assembly finds that:

        (1)    the benefits of electricity from renewable energy resources, including long–term decreased emissions, a healthier environment, increased energy security, and decreased reliance on and vulnerability from imported energy sources, accrue to the public at large;

        (2)    electricity suppliers and consumers share an obligation to develop a minimum level of these resources in the electricity supply portfolio of the State; and

        (3)    the State needs to increase its reliance on renewable energy in order to:

            (i)    reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the State’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals under § 2–1205 of the Environment Article; and

            (ii)    provide opportunities for small, minority, women–owned, and veteran–owned businesses to participate in and develop a highly skilled workforce for clean energy industries in the State.

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