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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    On or before January 1, 2016, the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission shall develop and publish online a policy for the issuance and use of a body–worn camera by a law enforcement officer that addresses:

        (1)    the testing of body–worn cameras to ensure adequate functioning;

        (2)    the procedure for the law enforcement officer to follow if the camera fails to properly operate at the beginning of or during the law enforcement officer’s shift;

        (3)    when recording is mandatory;

        (4)    when recording is prohibited;

        (5)    when recording is discretionary;

        (6)    when recording may require consent of a subject being recorded;

        (7)    when a recording may be ended;

        (8)    providing notice of recording;

        (9)    access to and confidentiality of recordings;

        (10)    the secure storage of data from a body–worn camera;

        (11)    review and use of recordings;

        (12)    retention of recordings;

        (13)    dissemination and release of recordings;

        (14)    consequences for violations of the agency’s body–worn camera policy;

        (15)    notification requirements when another individual becomes a party to the communication following the initial notification;

        (16)    specific protections for individuals when there is an expectation of privacy in private or public places; and

        (17)    any additional issues determined to be relevant in the implementation and use of body–worn cameras by law enforcement officers.

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