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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    (a)    The Commission consists of the following members:

        (1)    the President of the Maryland Chiefs of Police Association;

        (2)    the President of the Maryland Sheriffs Association;

        (3)    the Attorney General of the State;

        (4)    the Secretary of State Police;

        (5)    the agent in charge of the Baltimore office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation;

        (6)    one member representing the Maryland State Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police;

        (7)    one member representing the Maryland State’s Attorneys’ Association;

        (8)    the Chair of the Maryland Municipal League Police Executive Association;

        (9)    the President of Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc.;

        (10)    the Police Commissioner of Baltimore City;

        (11)    the President of the Police Chiefs’ Association of Prince George’s County;

        (12)    a representative from the Wor–Wic Program Advisory Committee – Criminal Justice;

        (13)    two members of the Senate of Maryland, appointed by the President of the Senate;

        (14)    two members of the House of Delegates, appointed by the Speaker of the House; and

        (15)    the following individuals, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate:

            (i)    three police officers, representing different geographic areas of the State;

            (ii)    one individual with expertise in community policing;

            (iii)    one individual with expertise in policing standards;

            (iv)    one individual with expertise in mental health; and

            (v)    two citizens of the State without relationships to law enforcement.

    (b)    (1)    The term of an appointed member is 3 years.

        (2)    The terms of the appointed members are staggered as required by the terms provided for members of the Commission on October 1, 2016.

        (3)    At the end of a term, an appointed member continues to serve until a successor is appointed and qualifies.

        (4)    A member who is appointed after a term has begun serves only for the remainder of the term and until a successor is appointed and qualifies.

    (c)    Except for the appointed members, a member of the Commission may serve personally at a Commission meeting or may designate a representative from the member’s unit, agency, or association who may act at any meeting to the same effect as if the member were personally present.

    (d)    The members of the Commission appointed from the Senate of Maryland and the House of Delegates shall serve in an advisory capacity only.

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