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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    (a)    The Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission shall develop and adopt, by regulation, a model uniform disciplinary matrix for use by each law enforcement agency in the State.

    (b)    Each law enforcement agency shall adopt the uniform State disciplinary matrix for all matters that may result in discipline of a police officer.

    (c)    (1)    Within 15 days after an administrative charging committee issues an administrative charge against a police officer, the chief of the law enforcement agency shall offer discipline to the police officer who has been administratively charged in accordance with the disciplinary matrix.

        (2)    The chief may offer the same discipline that was recommended by the administrative charging committee or a higher degree of discipline within the applicable range of the disciplinary matrix, but may not deviate below the discipline recommended by the administrative charging committee.

        (3)    If the police officer accepts the chief’s offer of discipline, then the offered discipline shall be imposed.

        (4)    If the police officer does not accept the chief’s offer of discipline, then the matter shall be referred to a trial board.

        (5)    At least 30 days before a trial board proceeding begins, the police officer shall be:

            (i)    provided a copy of the investigatory record;

            (ii)    notified of the charges against the police officer; and

            (iii)    notified of the disciplinary action being recommended.

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