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Article - Public Safety


    (a)    There is a Vehicle Theft Prevention Fund.

    (b)    (1)    The Fund is a special, nonlapsing fund that is not subject to § 7-302 of the State Finance and Procurement Article.

        (2)    The Treasurer shall hold the Fund separately and the Comptroller shall account for the Fund.

    (c)    The Fund consists of:

        (1)    money received by the Fund under § 17-106 of the Transportation Article;

        (2)    money received by the Council or the Fund from any source; and

        (3)    investment earnings of the Fund.

    (d)    The money of the Fund shall be invested in the same manner as other State money.

    (e)    The Council shall spend money in the Fund in the following order of priority:

        (1)    to pay the expenses of the Council; and

        (2)    to carry out the purposes of this subtitle.

    (f)    When making grants from the Fund, the Council shall consider and prioritize the following entities and programs:

        (1)    State and local law enforcement agencies:

            (i)    to enhance vehicle theft enforcement and prevention teams or efforts; and

            (ii)    for programs designed to reduce the incidence of vehicle theft;

        (2)    local prosecutors and judicial agencies, for enhanced prosecution and adjudication of vehicle theft crime;

        (3)    neighborhood, community, or business organizations, for programs designed to reduce the incidence of vehicle theft;

        (4)    educational programs designed to inform motor vehicle owners of methods to prevent motor vehicle theft and to provide equipment, for experimental purposes, to enable motor vehicle owners to prevent motor vehicle theft;

        (5)    programs designed to reduce the incidence of vehicle theft and recidivism by juveniles; and

        (6)    programs designed to reduce or deter damage or vandalism to vehicles in connection with vehicle theft or theft of property from vehicles.

    (g)    To the extent practicable, the Council shall allocate grants made under this subtitle among the subdivisions of the State on a pro rata basis determined by the total number of vehicles registered in each subdivision divided by the total number of vehicles registered in the State.

    (h)    (1)    Expenditures from the Fund may be made only:

            (i)    in accordance with the State budget; or

            (ii)    by the budget amendment procedure as provided in § 7-209 of the State Finance and Procurement Article, if at least 45 days have passed since the budget amendment and supporting information were submitted to the budget committees for their review and comment.

        (2)    The proposed budget and any budget amendment submitted to the General Assembly shall include an itemized list of each grant and other expenditure from the Fund to be made in the fiscal year.

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