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Statutes Text

Article - Public Safety


    (a)    (1)    The Governor:

            (i)    has control of and is responsible for MEMA; and

            (ii)    is responsible for carrying out this subtitle.

        (2)    In the event of the threat or occurrence of an emergency, the Governor may assume direct operational control over all or part of an emergency management function created or authorized by this subtitle and Subtitles 2 and 4 of this title.

        (3)    The Governor may delegate the powers the Governor sees fit to an individual who is employed:

            (i)    in the Executive Department of State government;

            (ii)    as a secretary of a principal department; or

            (iii)    as the head of an independent State agency.

    (b)    In performing duties under this subtitle, the Governor:

        (1)    may cooperate with the federal government, other states, and private agencies in all matters that relate to the emergency management operations of this State and the United States;

        (2)    may issue orders, rules, and regulations necessary or desirable to:

            (i)    carry out this subtitle;

            (ii)    prepare and revise, as necessary, a comprehensive plan and program for the emergency management operations of this State;

            (iii)    integrate the plan and program of this State with the emergency management operations plans of the federal government and other states; and

            (iv)    coordinate the preparation of plans and programs for emergency management operations by the political subdivisions;

        (3)    may authorize the procurement of supplies and equipment, the institution of training programs including the process for licensing, certifying, or credentialing health care practitioners developed under § 18-903(c) of the Health - General Article, public information programs, and other steps to prepare for an emergency;

        (4)    may authorize studies and surveys of industries, resources, and facilities in the State as necessary or desirable to:

            (i)    ascertain the State’s capabilities for emergency management operations; and

            (ii)    prepare plans for the emergency management of resources in accordance with the national plan for emergency preparedness;

        (5)    may appoint, in cooperation with local authorities, directors of local organizations for emergency management, may delegate to the directors any administrative authority vested in the Governor under this subtitle, and may provide for the subdelegation of that authority; and

        (6)    may delegate the Governor’s authority under this subsection to an individual who is employed:

            (i)    in the Executive Department of State government;

            (ii)    as a secretary of a principal department; or

            (iii)    as the head of an independent State agency.

    (c)    (1)    In addition to emergency prevention measures included in the State, local, and interjurisdictional emergency plans, the Governor shall consider, on a continuing basis, steps that could be taken to prevent or reduce the harmful consequences of potential emergencies.

        (2)    (i)    At the direction of the Governor, and in accordance with any other authority and competence they have, State agencies shall study matters related to emergency prevention.

            (ii)    State agencies required to study matters related to emergency prevention include those charged with responsibilities in connection with flood plain management, stream encroachment and flow regulation, weather modification, fire prevention and control, air quality, public works, land use and land-use planning, and construction standards.

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