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Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    There is a Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program administered by the Trust, in consultation with the Corps Board.

    (b)    The purpose of the Corps Program is to:

        (1)    Promote, preserve, protect, and sustain the environment;

        (2)    Provide young adults with opportunities to become better citizens, students, and workers through meaningful service to their communities and the State;

        (3)    Mobilize, educate, and train youth and young adults to work with communities and schools to promote energy conservation and mitigate and prevent threats to the environment;

        (4)    Provide opportunities for youth and young adults, especially disadvantaged youth, to be trained for careers that will be part of the emerging field of “green collar” jobs;

        (5)    Educate and train communities and individuals for the long–term action needed to continue to promote, preserve, protect, and sustain the environment after a Corps project has been completed;

        (6)    Act as a coordinator and facilitator of efforts to foster public–private partnerships in developing “green collar” job opportunities and in enhancing and expanding the workforce available for environmental protection and clean energy industries; and

        (7)    Channel available public and private resources to the protection, conservation, and preservation of the environment of the State.

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