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Article - Natural Resources


    (a)    In this part the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Corps Board” means the Advisory Board of the Corps Program.

    (c)    “Corps Program” means the Chesapeake Conservation Corps Program established under § 8–1914 of this part.

    (d)    “Energy conservation project” means a project to promote energy conservation or efficiency, including a project to:

        (1)    Improve energy efficiency of households and public structures through energy audits, weatherization, and other on–site energy conservation measures;

        (2)    Implement clean energy projects in communities to enhance the use of renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions, and mitigate climate change;

        (3)    Implement community greening and urban tree canopy projects that create energy savings; and

        (4)    Assist schools in becoming “green schools” and reducing energy costs.

    (e)    “Environmental project” means a project that results in long–term preservation, protection, and conservation of the environment, in areas including environmental restoration, agricultural and forestry, infrastructure, energy conservation, and educational improvements.

    (f)    “Qualified organization” means:

        (1)    A nonprofit organization;

        (2)    A school;

        (3)    A community association;

        (4)    A service, youth, or civic group;

        (5)    An institution of higher education;

        (6)    A county or municipality; or

        (7)    A unit of State government.

    (g)    “Trust” means the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

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