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Statutes Text

Article - Natural Resources


    In order to carry out the policy of this subtitle, the Secretary of Natural Resources shall:

        (1)    On his or the Governor’s determination that the State’s interest should be considered in an application proceeding under the federal act, request the federal Secretary to designate the State of Maryland as an “adjacent coastal state”. The request shall be communicated only with the approval of the Governor and shall include evidence to support the conclusion that there is a risk of damage to the coastal environment of the State equal to or greater than the risk posed to a state directly connected by pipeline to the proposed deepwater port. A request shall be communicated in accordance with § 9(a)(2) of the federal act;

        (2)    Determine and collect reimbursement for those costs to the State associated with the processing of an application for which the applicant is responsible to the State under the federal act;

        (3)    Present the views of the State to the federal Secretary, other than those required under paragraph (1) of this section, regarding the location, construction and operation of a deepwater port;

        (4)    Request all documents, reports or other information from the federal Secretary under the federal act which are necessary to assist the State in the processing of an application;

        (5)    Set reasonable fees permitted under the federal act for the use of a deepwater port facility and State land–based facilities directly related to a deepwater port facility; and

        (6)    Obtain the suggestions and comments of those departments having responsibility associated with the duties enumerated in this section.

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