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Article - Labor and Employment


    (a)    The Secretary may adopt any regulation that is necessary to carry out this title.

    (b)    (1)    In accordance with the provisions of the State Personnel and Pensions Article, the Secretary may employ the staff necessary to carry out this title.

        (2)    In accordance with the State budget, the Secretary may set the compensation of an employee under this subsection in a position that:

            (i)    is unique to the Department;

            (ii)    requires specific skills or experience to perform the duties of the position; and

            (iii)    does not require the employee to perform functions that are comparable to functions performed in other units of the Executive Branch of State government.

        (3)    The Secretary of Budget and Management, in consultation with the Secretary, shall determine the positions for which the Secretary may set compensation under paragraph (2) of this subsection.

        (4)    Subject to other applicable provisions of this title, the Secretary may appoint employees and set their powers and duties as necessary to carry out this title.

    (c)    The Secretary shall determine whether an employee who handles money for the Department under this title should be covered under a bond.

    (d)    (1)    The Secretary shall print:

            (i)    this title;

            (ii)    each annual report that the Secretary submits to the Governor; and

            (iii)    any other material that the Secretary considers relevant and suitable.

        (2)    On request by any person, the Secretary shall give the person a copy of:

            (i)    any material that the Secretary prints under this subsection; and

            (ii)    the current regulations adopted to carry out this title.

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