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Article - Labor and Employment


    This subtitle does not apply to an activity that a minor performs if the activity:

        (1)    is performed outside the school hours set for that minor;

        (2)    does not involve manufacturing or mining;

        (3)    is not a hazardous occupation restricted under § 3–213(c)(1) or (2) of this subtitle for that minor; and

        (4)    is limited to:

            (i)    farm work that is performed on a farm;

            (ii)    domestic work that is performed in or about a home;

            (iii)    work that is performed in a business that a parent of the minor or a person standing in place of the parent owns or operates;

            (iv)    caddying on a golf course;

            (v)    instructing on an instructional sailboat;

            (vi)    delivery of newspapers to consumers;

            (vii)    making an evergreen wreath in or about a home;

            (viii)    work performed as a counselor, assistant counselor, or instructor in a youth camp certified under the Maryland Youth Camp Act; or

            (ix)    work that is performed as an unpaid volunteer in a charitable or nonprofit organization, if:

                1.    a parent of the minor or a person standing in the place of the parent consents in writing; and

                2.    for hazardous work in a volunteer fire department or company or volunteer rescue squad, the minor:

                A.    is at least 16 years old; and

                B.    has completed or is taking a course of study about fire fighting or rescue.

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