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Article - Insurance


    (a)    This section applies to individual, group, or blanket health insurance policies and contracts delivered or issued for delivery in the State by insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations.

    (b)    Notwithstanding any other provision of an individual, group, or blanket health insurance policy or contract subject to this section, if the policy or contract provides for reimbursement for a service that is within the lawful scope of practice of a licensed podiatrist, the insured or any other person covered by or entitled to reimbursement under the policy or contract is entitled to the same amount of reimbursement for the service regardless of whether the service is performed by a physician or licensed podiatrist.

    (c)    This section does not prohibit, and may not be construed as prohibiting, the determination of reimbursement based on the geographic location of the delivery of service, the preeminent qualifications of a physician or podiatrist, or the need to provide services in an underserved area of the State.

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