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Statutes Text

Article - Insurance


    (a)    This section applies to each self-funded group insurance plan that:

        (1)    (i)    is formed by an order, society, or association that is incorporated or has a main office in the State; or

            (ii)    covers individuals who reside or work in the State; and

        (2)    is issued, renewed, amended, or reissued on or after July 1, 1972.

    (b)    Notwithstanding any other provision of a self-funded group insurance plan subject to this section, if the plan provides for reimbursement for a service that is within the lawful scope of practice of a physician, dentist, or podiatrist, the plan may not prohibit a person covered by the plan from being reimbursed for the service regardless of whether the service is performed by a physician, dentist, or podiatrist.

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