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Statutes Text

Article - Human Services


    (a)    The General Assembly intends that:

        (1)    all children whose care is the responsibility of the State shall have similar protection for their health, their safety, and the quality of their care; and

        (2)    the regulations of State units that are charged with child care shall be comparable.

    (b)    The Department shall adopt regulations:

        (1)    to carry out §§ 9–235 and 9–236 of this subtitle; and

        (2)    that require each juvenile care facility to:

            (i)    1.    establish and implement a safety plan for the safety of juveniles under the care of the facility; or

                2.    implement a safety or emergency plan established for the facility for another purpose; and

            (ii)    revise the safety plan not less than every 5 years.

    (c)    A child care home or child care institution may not be required to obtain a license from more than one State unit.

    (d)    A State unit authorized to license child care homes or child care institutions may make a cooperative licensing arrangement with another State unit.

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