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Statutes Text

Article - Housing and Community Development


    (a)    A community action agency shall plan systematically for an effective community action program, and in doing so shall:

        (1)    evaluate information on the causes and problems of poverty in the community;

        (2)    assess the use and impact of current financial assistance; and

        (3)    establish priorities among projects, activities, and target areas to achieve the best and most efficient use of resources.

    (b)    A community action agency shall:

        (1)    encourage subsidiary boards, councils, and agencies engaged in projects related to a community action program to plan for, secure, and administer available financial assistance on a cooperative basis; and

        (2)    provide technical and organizational assistance to the subsidiary boards, councils, and agencies.

    (c)    A community action agency shall actively supplement local efforts to combat poverty by:

        (1)    focusing resources on the most needy;

        (2)    providing employment opportunities for low–income persons;

        (3)    closing service gaps; and

        (4)    enabling low–income persons to participate in community action programs and projects.

    (d)    A community action agency shall initiate and sponsor community projects to help meet the needs of low–income persons with particular emphasis on:

        (1)    establishing a pool of resources to serve a variety of community action programs;

        (2)    developing versatile approaches and services; and

        (3)    implementing stopgap measures pending the expansion or modification of community action programs.

    (e)    A community action agency shall:

        (1)    establish procedures for community residents to:

            (i)    influence the character of their community action programs; and

            (ii)    participate regularly in implementing those programs; and

        (2)    provide the necessary technical and advisory support to enable low–income persons and community groups to secure public and private financial assistance for themselves.

    (f)    A community action agency shall join with and encourage business, labor, and other private or public officials and organizations to support community action programs that:

        (1)    use private resources and capabilities for new employment opportunities;

        (2)    stimulate investments that measurably reduce poverty in areas of concentrated poverty; and

        (3)    provide residents in those areas with methods to work with private organizations, firms, and institutions to seek solutions to problems of common concern.

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