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Article - Housing and Community Development


    (a)    The Administration shall:

        (1)    assist the Governor in coordinating the activities of governmental units of the State that affect the solution of community development problems and the implementation of community plans;

        (2)    encourage and assist political subdivisions to develop mutual and cooperative solutions to their common problems;

        (3)    serve as a clearinghouse for information and other materials that may be pertinent to sound community development, including information on available federal, State, and private financial and technical assistance;

        (4)    carry out continuing studies and analyses of sound community development in cooperation with the Department of Planning;

        (5)    make recommendations, in cooperation with the Department of Planning, for administrative or legislative action, paying particular attention to the problems of metropolitan, suburban, and other areas;

        (6)    implement model or demonstration programs and projects, contract to administer functions or services in a political subdivision, or otherwise provide a program of practical research in community development;

        (7)    promote community development by giving to political subdivisions, local development agencies, local development entities, or nonprofit organizations:

            (i)    technical assistance and advisory, consultative, training, and educational services; and

            (ii)    grants and loans to pay for:

                1.    the services and technical assistance; and

                2.    any development costs;

        (8)    (i)    contract for and accept from the federal government a grant, contribution, or loan of money, property, or other aid in any form for community development; and

            (ii)    do all things necessary to qualify for the grant, contribution, or loan, including those things necessary to qualify for assistance as a local public agency or public housing agency under a federal housing or renewal program;

        (9)    contract for and accept from any governmental unit of the State or other source a gift, grant, contribution, or loan of money, property, or other aid in any form for community development and comply with the terms and conditions of the gift, grant, contribution, or loan;

        (10)    attach to a sale or lease of property or to a loan or grant the terms and conditions that the Director determines and the Secretary approves;

        (11)    enter into agreements to make annual payments instead of assessments, charges, or property taxes to a political subdivision in respect to real property that the Administration owns; and

        (12)    provide money to programs eligible to receive funding from the Neighborhood Business Development Fund under § 6–310 of this article.

    (b)    To implement community development projects and public purpose projects in accordance with Part V of this subtitle, and subject to §§ 4–213(b) and 4–214 of this subtitle, the Administration may:

        (1)    (i)    acquire, own, and hold land that is open, mainly open, or undeveloped, or any interest in the land;

            (ii)    install access and interior streets and roads and sewer and water lines in or to the land and otherwise improve the land; or

            (iii)    transfer, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of or encumber the land;

        (2)    (i)    acquire, own, and hold land that is not open, mainly open, or undeveloped, as well as personal or mixed property;

            (ii)    manage and operate the property;

            (iii)    clear, improve, construct, or rehabilitate the property;

            (iv)    transfer, lease, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of or encumber the property; or

            (v)    take assignments of rentals or leases for the property;

        (3)    arrange or contract with a political subdivision or private party in connection with a community development project or public purpose project for:

            (i)    planning, replanning, zoning, or rezoning;

            (ii)    opening, grading, or closing streets, roads, alleys, or other places;

            (iii)    furnishing facilities;

            (iv)    acquiring property or property rights by the political subdivision; or

            (v)    furnishing property or services; and

        (4)    spend Administration money for an undertaking that the Secretary approves.

    (c)    The Administration shall develop and implement a weatherization program to provide money for insulation materials and insulation costs to households that qualify based on income and the program eligibility guidelines that the Secretary establishes.

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