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Statutes Text

Article - Housing and Community Development


    The Division includes:

        (1)    the Community Development Administration;

        (2)    the Disaster Relief Housing Program;

        (3)    the Down Payment and Settlement Expense Loan Program;

        (4)    federal and State weatherization programs;

        (5)    the Group Home Financing Program;

        (6)    the Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program;

        (7)    the Lead Hazard Reduction Loan Program;

        (8)    the local government infrastructure program;

        (9)    the Maryland Home Financing Program;

        (10)    the Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program;

        (11)    the Neighborhood Housing Services Fund;

        (12)    the Operating Assistance Grants Demonstration Projects;

        (13)    the Partnership Rental Housing Program;

        (14)    the Radium Grant Program;

        (15)    the Rental Allowance Program and other rental assistance programs;

        (16)    the Rental Housing Program; and

        (17)    the Self–Help Homeownership Technical Assistance Program.

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