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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    The Board shall appoint an advisory committee consisting of at least 15 members.

    (b)    Of the 15 committee members:

        (1)    Six shall be nursing assistants:

            (i)    One shall be an acute care nursing assistant;

            (ii)    One shall be a home care nursing assistant;

            (iii)    One shall be a long–term care nursing assistant;

            (iv)    One shall be an adult medical day care nursing assistant;

            (v)    At least one of the nursing assistant members shall be a member of a union; and

            (vi)    One shall be an independent contractor;

        (2)    Three shall be registered nurses:

            (i)    One shall be an acute care registered nurse;

            (ii)    One shall be a home care registered nurse; and

            (iii)    One shall be a long–term care registered nurse;

        (3)    One shall be an administrator from a licensed health care facility;

        (4)    One shall be a licensed practical nurse;

        (5)    One shall be an individual who teaches a nursing assistant course;

        (6)    One shall be a consumer member who has received care, or has a family member who has received care from a nursing assistant;

        (7)    One shall be a representative of the Department; and

        (8)    One shall be a certified medication technician.

    (c)    The Board shall appoint an alternate for each of the three nursing assistant members in the event that the nursing assistant member is unable to discharge the duties of the committee.

    (d)    An advisory committee member shall serve a term of 4 years.

    (e)    The advisory committee shall meet at least once a month.

    (f)    The advisory committee shall:

        (1)    Evaluate training programs and make recommendations for approval by the Board;

        (2)    Develop and recommend regulations to enforce the provisions of this subtitle;

        (3)    Evaluate candidates as required and recommend action to the Board;

        (4)    Review investigations of complaints against nursing assistants or medication technicians and make recommendations to the Board for disciplinary action;

        (5)    Keep a record of its proceedings; and

        (6)    Submit an annual report to the Board.

    (g)    A member of the advisory committee is entitled to receive:

        (1)    Compensation, as determined by the Board; and

        (2)    Reimbursement for expenses under the Standard State Travel Regulations, as provided in the State budget.

    (h)    A member who is appointed after a term has begun may serve one additional full term.

    (i)    The Board may remove a member:

        (1)    For incompetence or misconduct; or

        (2)    Who is absent from two successive committee meetings without adequate reason.

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