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Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    The Board of Dental Examiners shall:

        (1)    Define, for the purpose of this section, the terms “dental radiation technologist” and “practice dental radiation technology”;

        (2)    Adopt rules and regulations concerning qualifications, training, certification, monitoring of, and enforcement requirements for a dental radiation technologist; and

        (3)    Provide for a requirement to ensure competency in new safety and technological advances.

    (b)    The qualifications required of applicants for Board certification as a dental radiation technologist shall include requirements established by:

        (1)    The American Dental Association; or

        (2)    Any applicable federal standards for training and certification.

    (c)    After July 1, 1988, an individual must be certified by the Board as a dental radiation technologist before a licensed dentist may employ the individual to practice dental radiation technology.

    (d)    After July 1, 1988, an individual may not practice dental radiation technology unless certified by the Board.

    (e)    At least 1 month before a certificate expires, the Board shall send to each certificate holder, by electronic means or first–class mail to the last known electronic or physical address of the certificate holder, a renewal notice that states:

        (1)    The date on which the current certificate expires;

        (2)    The date by which the renewal application must be received by the Board for the renewal to be issued and mailed before the certificate expires; and

        (3)    The amount of the renewal fee.

    (f)    An individual may be simultaneously certified as a dental radiation technologist under this section and as an expanded function dental assistant.

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