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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    Before a licensee in a private individual, partnership, or group practice provides social work services to a client, the licensee shall provide to the client the following disclosures:

        (1)    The licensee’s professional identity;

        (2)    The services which are or may be provided by the licensee and the fees for each service or the hourly rate; and

        (3)    Sufficient information for a patient to give informed consent regarding the nature of the services to be provided.

    (b)    The manner of providing these disclosures shall be as follows:

        (1)    The licensee’s professional identity may be provided by directing the client to the license verification section on the Board’s Web site;

        (2)    The licensee’s services and fees may be provided by documented discussion or printed fee schedule; and

        (3)    Informed consent may be provided by documented discussion or a written form signed by the client which is kept in the client’s file.

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