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Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    In reviewing an application for licensure or in investigating an allegation brought under § 15–314 of this subtitle, the Committee may request the Board to direct, or the Board on its own initiative may direct, the physician assistant to submit to an appropriate examination.

    (b)    In return for the privilege given to the physician assistant to perform delegated medical acts in the State, the physician assistant is deemed to have:

        (1)    Consented to submit to an examination under this section, if requested by the Board in writing; and

        (2)    Waived any claim of privilege as to the testimony or examination reports.

    (c)    The unreasonable failure or refusal of the licensed physician assistant or applicant to submit to an examination is prima facie evidence of the licensed physician assistant’s inability to perform delegated medical acts and is cause for denial of the application or immediate suspension of the license.

    (d)    The Board shall pay the costs of any examination made under this section.

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