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Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    Following the filing of charges or notice of initial denial of a license application, the Board shall disclose the filing to the public on the Board’s Web site.

    (b)    The Board shall create and maintain a public individual profile on each licensee that includes the following information:

        (1)    A summary of charges filed against the licensee, including a copy of the charging document, until a disciplinary panel has taken action under § 14–5A–17 of this subtitle based on the charges or has rescinded the charges;

        (2)    A description of any disciplinary action taken by the Board or a disciplinary panel against the licensee within the most recent 10–year period that includes a copy of the public order;

        (3)    A description in summary form of any final disciplinary action taken by a licensing board in any other state or jurisdiction against the licensee within the most recent 10–year period if the Board knows about the disciplinary action;

        (4)    A description of a conviction or entry of a plea of guilty or nolo contendere by the licensee for a crime involving moral turpitude that is the basis for disciplinary action taken under § 14–5A–17(c) of this subtitle; and

        (5)    The public address of the licensee.

    (c)    In addition to the requirements of subsection (b) of this section, the Board shall include on each licensee’s profile a statement of information to be taken into consideration by a consumer when viewing a licensee’s profile, including a disclaimer stating that a charging document does not indicate a final finding of guilt by a disciplinary panel.

    (d)    The Board:

        (1)    On receipt of a written request for a licensee’s profile from any person, shall forward a written copy of the profile to the person; and

        (2)    Shall maintain a Web site that serves as a single point of entry where all licensee profile information is available to the public on the Internet.

    (e)    The Board shall provide a mechanism for the notification and prompt correction of any factual inaccuracies in a licensee’s profile.

    (f)    The Board shall include information relating to charges filed against a licensee by a disciplinary panel and any final disciplinary action taken by a disciplinary panel against a licensee in the licensee’s profile within 10 days after the charges are filed or the action becomes final.

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