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Statutes Text

Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    To qualify for a license, an applicant shall be an individual who meets the requirements of this section.

    (b)    The applicant shall be of good moral character.

    (c)    The applicant shall be at least 18 years old.

    (d)    The applicant shall:

        (1)    Meet any educational, training, or examination requirements established by the Board including:

            (i)    Graduation from an appropriate educational program as determined by the Board; and

            (ii)    Certification by a national certifying board approved by the Board; and

        (2)    Demonstrate oral and written competency in English as required by the Board.

    (e)    The applicant shall complete a criminal history records check in accordance with § 14–308.1 of this title.

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