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Article - Health Occupations


    (a)    A therapy management contract shall apply only to conditions for which protocols have been agreed to by an authorized prescriber and a licensed pharmacist in accordance with the regulations adopted under this subtitle.

    (b)    A therapy management contract shall include:

        (1)    A statement that none of the parties involved in the therapy management contract have been coerced, given economic incentives, excluding normal reimbursement for services rendered, or involuntarily required to participate;

        (2)    Notice to the patient indicating:

            (i)    That the patient may terminate the therapy management contract at any time; and

            (ii)    The procedure by which the patient may terminate the therapy management contract;

        (3)    A procedure for periodic review by the authorized prescriber, of the drugs modified pursuant to the agreement or changed with the consent of the authorized prescriber; and

        (4)    Reference to a protocol, which will be provided to the patient on request.

    (c)    Any party to the therapy management contract may terminate the contract at any time.

    (d)    The Board may assess a fee, as established in regulation, for approval of a pharmacist to enter into a prescriber–pharmacist agreement.

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