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Statutes Text

Article - Health - General


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Home health care” includes any of the following services:

        (1)    Audiology and speech pathology;

        (2)    Dietary and nutritional services;

        (3)    Drug services;

        (4)    Home health aid;

        (5)    Laboratory;

        (6)    Medical social services;

        (7)    Nursing;

        (8)    Occupational therapy;

        (9)    Physical therapy;

        (10)    Provision of invasive medical equipment; and

        (11)    Home medical equipment services.

    (c)    “Home medical equipment services” means the delivery, installation, maintenance, or replacement of, or instruction in the use of, medical equipment used by a sick or disabled individual to allow the individual to be maintained in a noninstitutional environment.

    (d)    “Medical equipment” means technologically sophisticated medical devices including:

        (1)    Oxygen and oxygen delivery systems;

        (2)    Ventilators;

        (3)    Respiratory disease management devices;

        (4)    Electronic and computer driven wheelchairs and seating systems;

        (5)    Apnea monitors;

        (6)    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (T.E.N.S.) units;

        (7)    Low air loss cutaneous pressure management devices;

        (8)    Sequential compression devices;

        (9)    Neonatal home phototherapy devices;

        (10)    Feeding pumps; and

        (11)    Other similar equipment as defined in regulations established by the Secretary.

    (e)    (1)    “Residential service agency” means any person that is engaged in a nongovernmental business of employing or contracting with individuals to provide home health care for compensation to an unrelated sick or disabled individual in the residence of that individual.

        (2)    “Residential service agency” includes any agency that employs or contracts with individuals directly for hire as home health care providers.

        (3)    “Residential service agency” does not include:

            (i)    A home health agency that is licensed under the provisions of Subtitle 4 of this title;

            (ii)    A person required to be licensed as a home health agency under the provisions of Subtitle 4 of this title;

            (iii)    A home–based hospice care program that is licensed under the provisions of Subtitle 9 of this title;

            (iv)    A hospital that is licensed under the provisions of Subtitle 3 of this title;

            (v)    A related institution that is licensed under the provisions of Subtitle 3 of this title;

            (vi)    Personal care providers under the Medical Assistance Personal Care Program;

            (vii)    Any person practicing a health occupation that the person is authorized to practice under the Health Occupations Article;

            (viii)    A nursing referral service agency that is licensed under Subtitle 4B of this title;

            (ix)    A group of persons licensed under the same title of the Health Occupations Article practicing as a business; or

            (x)    Residential rehabilitation services providers approved under regulations adopted by the State mental health authority.

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