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Article - Health - General


    (a)    There is a Maryland Health Care Commission.

    (b)    The Commission is an independent commission that functions in the Department.

    (c)    The purpose of the Commission is to:

        (1)    Develop health care cost containment strategies to help provide access to appropriate quality health care services for all Marylanders, after consulting with the Health Services Cost Review Commission;

        (2)    Promote the development of a health regulatory system that provides, for all Marylanders, financial and geographic access to quality health care services at a reasonable cost by:

            (i)    Advocating policies and systems to promote the efficient delivery of and improved access to health care services; and

            (ii)    Enhancing the strengths of the current health care service delivery and regulatory system;

        (3)    Facilitate the public disclosure of medical claims data for the development of public policy;

        (4)    Establish and develop a medical care database on health care services rendered by health care practitioners;

        (5)    Encourage the development of clinical resource management systems to permit the comparison of costs between various treatment settings and the availability of information to consumers, providers, and purchasers of health care services;

        (6)    In accordance with Title 15, Subtitle 12 of the Insurance Article, develop a uniform set of effective benefits to be included in the Comprehensive Standard Health Benefit Plan;

        (7)    Analyze the medical care database and provide, in aggregate form, an annual report on the variations in costs associated with health care practitioners;

        (8)    Ensure utilization of the medical care database as a primary means to compile data and information and annually report on trends and variances regarding fees for service, cost of care, regional and national comparisons, and indications of malpractice situations;

        (9)    Establish standards for the operation and licensing of medical care electronic claims clearinghouses in Maryland;

        (10)    Reduce the costs of claims submission and the administration of claims for health care practitioners and payors;

        (11)    Determine the cost of mandated health insurance services in the State in accordance with Title 15, Subtitle 15 of the Insurance Article;

        (12)    Promote the availability of information to consumers on charges by practitioners and reimbursements from payors;

        (13)    Oversee and administer the Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund in conjunction with the Health Services Cost Review Commission; and

        (14)    Establish policies and standards to protect the confidentiality of patient and health care practitioner information related to legally protected health care as defined in § 4–301 of this article.

    (d)    The Commission shall coordinate the exercise of its functions with the Department and the Health Services Cost Review Commission to ensure an integrated, effective health care policy for the State.

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