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Article - Health - General


    (a)    The Department may, in consultation with the Statewide Steering Committee on Sickle Cell Disease, provide services relating to sickle cell disease, including:

        (1)    Educational programs on sickle cell disease for individuals affected by the disease, including:

            (i)    Individuals with sickle cell disease;

            (ii)    Families of individuals with sickle cell disease;

            (iii)    Caregivers of individuals with sickle cell disease;

            (iv)    Employees at primary and secondary schools; and

            (v)    Health care providers;

        (2)    Social services support to individuals with sickle cell disease, including support from social workers and community health workers to provide information on services that may be available to the individual;

        (3)    Testing;

        (4)    Genetic counseling;

        (5)    Assistance with any available reimbursement for medical expenses related to sickle cell disease;

        (6)    Education and counseling services after the receipt of sickle cell trait test results from the State’s Newborn Screening Program; and

        (7)    Any other programs or services that are necessary to decrease the use of acute care services by individuals who have sickle cell disease.

    (b)    The Department shall provide the services in subsection (a) of this section through community–based organizations to the extent practicable.

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