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Article - Health - General

§15–1001.    IN EFFECT

    // EFFECTIVE UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2024 PER CHAPTERS 462 AND 463 OF 2018 //

    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Eligible individual” means an individual who:

        (1)    Is a resident of Maryland;

        (2)    Is a Medicare beneficiary enrolled in the Medicare Part D Voluntary Prescription Drug Benefit Program or a Medicare Advantage Plan that provides Part D coverage;

        (3)    Is not enrolled in a health benefit plan, other than a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage Plan, that provides prescription drug benefits at the time that the individual applies for enrollment in the Program;

        (4)    Has an annual household income at or below 300% of the federal poverty guidelines;

        (5)    Is not eligible for a full federal low–income subsidy under 42 C.F.R. § 423.772; and

        (6)    Pays the premium, and copayments or coinsurance, for the Program.

    (c)    “Enrollee” means an individual enrolled in the Program.

    (d)    “Fund” means the Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program Fund established under § 15–1004 of this subtitle.

    (e)    “Program” means the Senior Prescription Drug Assistance Program established under this subtitle.

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