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Article - Health - General


    Each application for involuntary admission to a facility or Veterans’ Administration hospital under this part shall:

        (1)    Be in writing;

        (2)    Be dated;

        (3)    Be on the form required by:

            (i)    The Administration, in the case of a facility; or

            (ii)    The Veterans’ Administration hospital, in the case of a Veterans’ Administration hospital;

        (4)    State the relationship of the applicant to the individual for whom admission is sought;

        (5)    Be signed by the applicant;

        (6)    Be accompanied by the certificates of:

            (i)    1 physician and 1 psychologist;

            (ii)    2 physicians;

            (iii)    1 physician and 1 psychiatric nurse practitioner;

            (iv)    1 physician and 1 licensed certified social worker–clinical; or

            (v)    1 physician and 1 licensed clinical professional counselor; and

        (7)    Contain any other information that the Administration requires.

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