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Statutes Text

Article - General Provisions


    (a)    Each bicounty commission shall adopt regulations relating to lobbying of that bicounty commission.

    (b)    At a minimum, the regulations adopted by a bicounty commission shall be similar to the provisions of Subtitle 7 of this title.

    (c)    Each bicounty commission shall submit to the Ethics Commission a copy of its regulations relating to lobbying.

    (d)    On or before April 30 each year, each bicounty commission shall:

        (1)    prepare an annual report on the lobbying before the bicounty commission and regulation of that lobbying by the bicounty commission for the previous calendar year;

        (2)    submit the report to the governing body of each county in which the bicounty commission operates; and

        (3)    publish the report on the website of the bicounty commission.

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