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Statutes Text

Article - General Provisions


    (a)    Unless otherwise provided, in a law, resolution, or court order, judgment, or decree that refers to publishing a legal advertisement or legal notice, words such as “newspaper” or “newspaper in general circulation” mean a publication that:

        (1)    has at least four pages;

        (2)    habitually contains news items, reports of current events, editorial comments, advertising matter, and other miscellaneous information that is of public interest and is found generally in an ordinary newspaper;

        (3)    has been published and distributed, by sale, from an established place of business at least once a week for 6 months or more before publication of the advertisement or notice;

        (4)    has general circulation throughout the community where the publication is published; and

        (5)    qualifies for Periodicals rates for mailing through the United States Postal Service.

    (b)    Subject to subsection (a) of this section and for purposes of the public general laws of the State, in Prince George’s County, “newspaper in general circulation” includes a newspaper that:

        (1)    is designated by the County Council as a newspaper of record; or

        (2)    (i)    qualifies under subsection (a) of this section with respect to Prince George’s County; and

            (ii)    is published by a small business as defined in § 14–201 of the State Finance and Procurement Article.

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