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Statutes Text

Article - Financial Institutions


    (a)    This subtitle does not apply to any loan or extension of credit:

        (1)    Between relatives;

        (2)    Between an employer and an employee;

        (3)    Between a landlord and a tenant; or

        (4)    Between a primary or secondary or nonprofit degree–granting postsecondary academic educational institution and a student or parents or guardian of that student, for tuition or other expenses of education at that institution.

    (b)    The licensing provisions of this subtitle do not apply to any of the following persons, if organized under the laws of this State or otherwise qualified to do business in this State:

        (1)    A banking institution;

        (2)    A national banking association;

        (3)    A federal or State savings and loan association;

        (4)    A federal or State credit union;

        (5)    A licensee under Subtitle 2 of this title;

        (6)    A seller of goods or services or both not engaged in:

            (i)    Making loans; or

            (ii)    Acting as a credit services business as defined under Title 14, Subtitle 19 of the Commercial Law Article;

        (7)    A licensee under Subtitle 5 of this title engaged solely in a mortgage lending business as defined in that subtitle; or

        (8)    An entity exempt from licensing as a mortgage lender under § 11–502(b)(10) of this title.

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