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Statutes Text

Article - Environment


    (a)    A sanitary commission:

        (1)    Shall control the use of water in its district; and

        (2)    Has jurisdiction over each fire hydrant connected to a system operated by the district.

    (b)    If a sanitary commission determines that there is a shortage of water or that the supply of water should be conserved, the sanitary commission may:

        (1)    Issue an order that requires the conservation of water; and

        (2)    Include in the order specific requirements for conserving water use.

    (c)    The sanitary commission shall publish the order in a newspaper published in each member county covered by the order.

    (d)    Each water user shall obey the order of the sanitary commission, effective with the earlier of:

        (1)    The first publication of the order; or

        (2)    Receipt of the order from the sanitary commission.

    (e)    Without notice, the sanitary commission may disconnect the water supply of any person who violates the order.

    (f)    (1)    To prevent waste of water, a representative of a sanitary commission at any reasonable time may enter any property connected to a system operated by the district and inspect the plumbing system on the property.

        (2)    On entering any property, the representative of the sanitary commission shall present appropriate credentials to the owner, operator, or agent in charge.

        (3)    After the inspection, the representative of the sanitary commission may order necessary changes to the plumbing system:

            (i)    To eliminate leaks;

            (ii)    To prevent water loss; and

            (iii)    To prevent unnecessary or improper use of sewers.

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