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Statutes Text

Article - Environment


    (a)    (1)    Unless it is renewed for another term, a discharge permit expires on the expiration date the Department sets at issuance or renewal.

        (2)    The Department may not issue a discharge permit for a term longer than 5 years.

    (b)    Before a discharge permit expires, the Department may renew the discharge permit for another term:

        (1)    After administrative review in accordance with the rules and regulations that the Department adopts;

        (2)    After notice and opportunity for public hearing on the subject;

        (3)    On the condition that the discharge meets or will meet:

            (i)    Any applicable State or federal water quality standards or effluent limitations; and

            (ii)    Any applicable requirement of this subtitle; and

        (4)    If the permit holder pays all application and permit fees assessed by the Department under this subtitle.

    (c)    Administrative review proceedings under this section shall be completed at least 60 days before the expiration date of the permit.

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