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Article - Election Law


    (a)    If a voter fails to respond to a confirmation notice under § 3–502(c) of this subtitle, the voter’s name shall be placed into inactive status on the statewide voter registration list.

    (b)    A voter shall be restored to active status on the statewide voter registration list after completing and signing any of the following election documents:

        (1)    a voter registration application;

        (2)    a petition governed by Title 6 of this article;

        (3)    a certificate of candidacy;

        (4)    an absentee ballot application; or

        (5)    a written affirmation of residence completed on election day to entitle the voter to vote either at the election district or precinct for the voter’s current residence or the voter’s previous residence, as determined by the State Board.

    (c)    An inactive voter who fails to vote in an election in the period ending with the second general election shall be removed from the statewide voter registration list.

    (d)    Registrants placed into inactive status may not be counted for official administrative purposes including establishing precincts and reporting official statistics.

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