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Article - Election Law


    An election director may remove a voter from the statewide voter registration list only:

        (1)    at the request of the voter, provided the request is:

            (i)    signed by the voter;

            (ii)    authenticated by the election director; and

            (iii)    in a format acceptable to the State Board or on a cancellation notice provided by the voter on a voter registration application;

        (2)    upon determining, based on information provided pursuant to § 3–504 of this subtitle, that the voter is no longer eligible because:

            (i)    the voter is not qualified to be a registered voter as provided in § 3–102(b) of this title; or

            (ii)    the voter is deceased;

        (3)    if the voter has moved outside the State, as determined by conducting the procedures established in § 3–502 of this subtitle; or

        (4)    if, in accordance with the administrative complaint process under § 3–602 of this title, the State Administrator or the State Administrator’s designee has determined that the voter is not qualified to be registered to vote.

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