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Article - Election Law


    (a)    When a voter registration application is received by a local board, the local board shall:

        (1)    if the applicant resides in the county of the local board, determine whether the applicant is qualified to become a registered voter; or

        (2)    if the applicant resides in a different county in the State, immediately forward the application to the proper county.

    (b)    The information contained in the voter registration application for a qualified applicant shall be electronically entered into the statewide voter registration list on an expedited basis at the time voter registration information is provided to the local board and shall be assigned to the county in which the applicant resides unless registration is closed pursuant to § 3–302 of this subtitle.

    (c)    (1)    The election director in the county where an applicant resides shall send a voter acknowledgment notice, in a format prescribed by the State Board, to each applicant informing the applicant whether he or she is qualified to become registered, and, if not qualified, the reasons why.

        (2)    (i)    A voter notification card sent to a qualified applicant may serve as a voter acknowledgment notice.

            (ii)    1.    The voter notification card shall contain the name and address of the voter, the date of issue, and the district or ward and precinct of the voter.

                2.    The card is evidence that the individual to whom it is issued is a registered voter on the date appearing on the card.

                3.    The election director shall issue a replacement card on request of the voter and a new card when a relevant change is made in the voter’s registration record if the voter continues to reside in the county.

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