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Article - Election Law


    (a)    (1)    In this section the following words have the meanings indicated.

        (2)    “Affiliated political action committee” means a political action committee affiliated with a membership entity.

        (3)    “Membership entity” means an organization that collects dues from its members.

    (b)    A membership entity may establish a program for periodically collecting from its members and accumulating voluntary contributions by the members to an affiliated political action committee if those contributions are collected together with:

        (1)    membership dues invoiced and collected by the membership entity; or

        (2)    contributions by the members to a political action committee established under federal law, if that political action committee is also affiliated with the membership entity.

    (c)    A membership entity shall keep detailed and accurate records of each contribution received under subsection (b) of this section, including:

        (1)    the name and address of the contributor;

        (2)    the date on which the contribution is withheld;

        (3)    the amount of the contribution; and

        (4)    the disposition of the contribution.

    (d)    Within 30 days after being received, a contribution under this section shall be transmitted by the membership entity, with the information recorded under subsection (c)(1), (2), and (3) of this section, to its affiliated political action committee.

    (e)    In soliciting a member, by joint invoice for membership dues or for a contribution to an affiliated federal political action committee, to make a contribution to its affiliated political action committee, a membership entity shall inform the member of:

        (1)    the political purposes of the affiliated political action committee; and

        (2)    the member’s right to refuse to contribute to the political action committee without reprisal.

    (f)    An employee membership entity or its affiliated political action committee entity may not receive or use money or anything of value under this section if it is obtained:

        (1)    by actual or threatened:

            (i)    physical force;

            (ii)    membership discrimination; or

            (iii)    financial or professional reprisal; or

        (2)    as dues, fees, or other assessment required as a condition of membership.

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