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Article - Election Law


    (a)    Following each gubernatorial primary or special primary election to fill a vacancy in the office of Representative in Congress, the State Board shall:

        (1)    convene within 2 days after the certified official election results are received from the local boards;

        (2)    if a majority of the members of the State Board is not present, adjourn for not more than 1 day;

        (3)    determine which candidates, by the greatest number of votes, have been nominated to each office and which questions have received a sufficient number of votes to be adopted or approved; and

        (4)    prepare and certify statewide election results based on the certified copies of the statements made by the boards of canvassers.

    (b)    (1)    If a member of the State Board dissents from a determination of an election result or reasonably believes that the conduct of a Board member or Board proceeding was not in compliance with applicable law or regulation or was otherwise illegal or irregular, the member shall prepare and file with the Board a distinct written statement of the reasons for the dissent or concern.

        (2)    The State Board shall maintain a file of the written statements submitted under this subsection by members of the Board.

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