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Statutes Text

Article - Election Law


    (a)    In consultation with the local boards, the State Board shall:

        (1)    develop a program of instruction of election judges; and

        (2)    oversee the implementation of the program of instruction.

    (b)    The training materials utilized by the program may include:

        (1)    an instruction manual and other written directives;

        (2)    curriculum for training sessions; and

        (3)    audiovisuals.

    (c)    The State Board shall develop a process for the evaluation of the training program and the performance of the polling place staff in each county.

    (d)    To the extent appropriate, the training program shall be specific to each of the voting systems used in polling places in the State.

    (e)    The State Board shall provide election judges with uniform statewide training on the voting system, including:

        (1)    all features of the voting system that provide access to voters with disabilities; and

        (2)    the rights of voters with disabilities, including those rights guaranteed by State and federal law.

    (f)    Each local board shall conduct election judge training based on the program developed by the State Board.

    (g)    (1)    Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, each election judge shall participate in the training program provided for in subsection (a) of this section.

        (2)    An election judge who is appointed under emergency circumstances is not required to attend the course of instruction.

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