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Article - Education


    (a)    There is a Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund.

    (b)    The Office may award funding from the Fund to an individual who has:

        (1)    Obtained at least a level 2 in the Maryland Child Care Credential Program under § 9.5–904 of this subtitle;

        (2)    Documented at least 1 year of experience working with groups of children in an approved setting; and

        (3)    Been accepted by an accredited college or university for enrollment in at least one course for credit toward a degree in early childhood education or related field.

    (c)    An award under this section may only be:

        (1)    Applied toward the cost of:

            (i)    Tuition and fees; or

            (ii)    Textbooks required by a course in which the awardee is enrolled; and

        (2)    Used by the awardee for the actual expense of college coursework incurred subsequent to an award toward the completion of:

            (i)    A college degree in early childhood education or a related field; or

            (ii)    Developmental coursework required to meet prerequisites for a degree program in early childhood education or a related field.

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