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Statutes Text

Article - Education


    (a)    A student’s absence due to a student’s pregnancy or parenting needs is a lawful absence as provided under this section.

    (b)    Each county board shall develop a written attendance policy for pregnant and parenting students that, at a minimum, meets the requirements of this section.

    (c)    (1)    The policy developed under subsection (b) of this section shall:

            (i)    Excuse all absences due to pregnancy– or parenting–related conditions, including absences for:

                1.    Labor;

                2.    Delivery;

                3.    Recovery; and

                4.    Prenatal and postnatal medical appointments;

            (ii)    Provide at least 10 days of excused absences for a parenting student after the birth of the student’s child;

            (iii)    Excuse any parenting–related absences due to an illness or a medical appointment of the student’s child, including up to 4 days of absences per school year for which the school may not require a note from a physician; and

            (iv)    Excuse any absence due to a legal appointment involving the pregnant or parenting student that is related to family law proceedings, including adoption, custody, and visitation.

        (2)    In addition to home and hospital services, the school may allow the student to:

            (i)    Make up the work that the student missed in a time period that equals at least as many days that the student was absent; and

            (ii)    Choose one of the following alternatives to make up work that the student missed:

                1.    Retake a semester;

                2.    Participate in an online course credit recovery program; or

                3.    Allow the student 6 weeks to continue at the same pace and finish at a later date.

        (3)    Each county board shall publish its written attendance policy for pregnant and parenting students on the county board’s Web site.

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