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Article - Education


    On or before December 1, 2021, and each December 1 thereafter, each county board shall submit the following information, disaggregated by eligible private and eligible public providers, to the Department and the Accountability and Implementation Board established under Title 5, Subtitle 4 of this article:

        (1)    The number of eligible prekindergarten providers in the county;

        (2)    The number of eligible prekindergarten providers in the county that, in the immediately preceding calendar year, expanded to offer prekindergarten programs that are open for pupil attendance a minimum of 6.5 hours during each school day;

        (3)    The Maryland EXCELS program quality rating level of each eligible prekindergarten provider in the county;

        (4)    The participation rate of all county 3– and 4–year olds in eligible prekindergarten providers established or expanded in accordance with this subtitle, disaggregated by age and tier, if applicable;

        (5)    The number and proportion of eligible prekindergarten providers in the county that are eligible private providers;

        (6)    A measure of school readiness in accordance with § 7–210 of this title; and

        (7)    A demonstration that the expansion of prekindergarten programs in the county gave priority to:

            (i)    Children in areas with limited or no access to quality child care, regardless of family income;

            (ii)    Tier I children; and

            (iii)    Students with disabilities, regardless of family income.

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