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Article - Education


    (a)    (1)    There is a Pathways in Technology Early College High School Program in the State.

        (2)    The Department, in consultation with the Commission, shall administer and develop the Program to assist county boards in establishing P–TECH schools.

    (b)    (1)    A P–TECH school:

            (i)    Shall:

                1.    Reserve at least 50% of its available space for students who meet the free and reduced price meal income criteria; and

                2.    Be established through a memorandum of understanding executed between one or more industry partners, one or more college partners, and a county board; and

            (ii)    May be established as a school within a school.

        (2)    The memorandum of understanding executed in accordance with paragraph (1)(i)2 of this subsection shall include provisions ensuring that:

            (i)    Each P–TECH student receives:

                1.    Substantive mentoring by an industry partner;

                2.    At least one paid summer internship of at least 6 weeks’ duration with an industry partner; and

                3.    A high school diploma from the county board in the county where the P–TECH school is located immediately following completion of all high school graduation requirements, regardless of whether the P–TECH student has completed a pathway sequence; and

            (ii)    P–TECH students are first in line for consideration for a job at the industry partner after graduation.

    (c)    A student who is enrolled in a P–TECH school may not be considered a dually enrolled student under Title 18, Subtitle 14A of this article.

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