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Article - Education


    (a)    Each county board shall encourage the use of public school facilities for community purposes.

    (b)    (1)    If written application is made to the county superintendent, the county board shall provide for the use of a public school facility for:

            (i)    The presentation and discussion of public questions;

            (ii)    Public speaking;

            (iii)    Lectures; or

            (iv)    Other civic, educational, social, or recreational purposes or church affiliated civic purposes.

        (2)    These meetings shall be open to the public.

        (3)    The county board may refuse the use of any school facility for these purposes if it appears that the use is likely to:

            (i)    Provoke or add to a public riot or breach of the peace; or

            (ii)    Create a clear and present danger to the peace and welfare of the county or State.

    (c)    Each county board may permit a partisan political organization that has polled 10 percent or more of the entire vote cast in this State in the last general election to use public school facilities for programs and meetings that relate to a political campaign for nomination or election of a candidate to public office.

    (d)    Each county board may permit the use of public school facilities for religious or other lawful purposes.

    (e)    Subject to § 7–109 of this subtitle, school facilities may be used only at times that will not interfere with regular school sessions or other bona fide school activities.

    (f)    In Montgomery County, nonschool use of school facilities for public and community purposes and the manner by which costs associated with such use are apportioned may be regulated by local law consistent with the use criteria set forth in § 7–110 of this subtitle and not inconsistent with any other provisions of this article. The local law authorized by this subsection may provide for an interagency coordinating board and for the appointment of its members by Montgomery County. Membership may include the Superintendent of Schools, the President of Montgomery College, the members of the Montgomery County Planning Board, and such other members as may be provided by the local law.

    (g)    In Talbot County, the county board may enter into a lease with an organization that operates a community–based educational and recreational program to use a public school facility if:

        (1)    The county board does not anticipate a need for the public school facility during the term of the lease;

        (2)    The county board determines that the public school system will benefit if the organization operates a community–based educational and recreational facility at the public school facility; and

        (3)    The lease term is not longer than 99 years.

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