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Article - Education


    (a)    There is a program of Delegate Scholarships in this State that are awarded under this subtitle.

    (b)    A scholarship awarded under this subtitle may be used at:

        (1)    An eligible institution for a program of undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies;

        (2)    An accredited undergraduate, graduate, or professional institution outside the State, if the applicant:

            (i)    Will be studying in an academic area that is not available in this State;

            (ii)    Is disabled and will be studying at an institution outside the State that makes special provisions for disabled students that are not available to the applicant at an institution in the State; or

            (iii)    Is an individual who is on active duty with the United States military who is domiciled in this State; and

        (3)    A private career school within the State that is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission under § 11–202 of this article and that is accredited by a national accrediting association that is approved by the United States Department of Education.

    (c)    Money appropriated to the Commission for scholarships awarded under this section that is not used by the end of the fiscal year shall be retained by the Commission for use by the awarding Delegate in the Delegate Scholarship Program during subsequent fiscal years.

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