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Statutes Text

Article - Economic Development


    (a)    In this subtitle the following words have the meanings indicated.

    (b)    “Artistic work” means an original and creative work that:

        (1)    is created, written, composed, or executed, either alone or with others; and

        (2)    falls into one of the following categories:

            (i)    a book or other writing;

            (ii)    a play or performance of a play;

            (iii)    a musical composition or the performance of a musical composition;

            (iv)    a painting or other picture, including a photograph;

            (v)    a sculpture;

            (vi)    traditional or fine crafts, including works of cultural expression;

            (vii)    the creation of a film or the acting within a film;

            (viii)    the creation of a dance or the performance of a dance;

            (ix)    the design or creation of original jewelry, clothing, or other functional art;

            (x)    storytelling or a storytelling performance;

            (xi)    a digital or new media design or performance; or

            (xii)    any other product generated as a result of a work or combination of works listed in items (i) through (xi) of this paragraph.

    (c)    “Arts and entertainment district” means a developed district of public and private uses that:

        (1)    is distinguished by physical and cultural resources that play a vital role in the life and development of the community and contribute to the public through interpretive, educational, and recreational uses; and

        (2)    ranges in size from a portion of a political subdivision to a regional district with a special coherence.

    (d)    “Arts and entertainment enterprise” means a for–profit or nonprofit entity dedicated to creating, selling, or sharing artistic work.

    (e)    “Political subdivision” means a county or municipal corporation.

    (f)    “Qualifying residing artist” means an individual who:

        (1)    owns or rents residential real property in the State;

        (2)    conducts a business in any arts and entertainment district; and

        (3)    derives income from the sale or performance within any arts and entertainment district of an artistic work that the individual wrote, composed, or executed, either alone or with others, in any arts and entertainment district.

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