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Article - Economic Development


    (a)    (1)    Subject to paragraph (2) of this subsection, the governing body of a political subdivision that is not the issuer may pledge under an agreement that its property taxes levied on the tax increment shall be paid into the special fund for the development district, a RISE zone, or a sustainable community.

        (2)    The agreement shall:

            (i)    be in writing;

            (ii)    be executed by the governing bodies of the issuer and the political subdivision making the pledge; and

            (iii)    run to the benefit of and be enforceable on behalf of any bondholder.

        (3)    (i)    This paragraph applies only in Prince George’s County.

            (ii)    Subject to § 18–310 of the Land Use Article, the Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission may enter into an agreement with Prince George’s County to pay all or a portion of the property taxes levied by the county under §§ 18–304, 18–306, and 18–307 of the Land Use Article on the tax increment in an extraordinary development district in the county to the county for deposit into a special fund for the extraordinary development district.

            (iii)    The agreement authorized under subparagraph (ii) of this paragraph shall:

                1.    be in writing; and

                2.    be executed by the governing body of Prince George’s County and, on proper authorization, the Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission.

            (iv)    The Maryland–National Capital Park and Planning Commission may not be an obligor for any bonds issued by Prince George’s County for an extraordinary development district.

    (b)    The governing body of Prince George’s County may also pledge hotel rental tax revenues to the special fund.

    (c)    The governing body of a political subdivision, including the issuer, may pledge by or under a resolution, including by an agreement with the issuer, as applicable, that alternative local tax revenues generated within, or that are otherwise determined to be attributable to, a development district that is a transit–oriented development, a RISE zone, a sustainable community, or a State hospital redevelopment be paid, as provided in the resolution, into the special fund to:

        (1)    secure the payment of debt service on bonds or MEDCO obligations; or

        (2)    be applied to the other purposes stated in § 12–209 of this subtitle.

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