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Statutes Text

Article - Economic Development


    The Council shall make reasonable efforts to:

        (1)    identify the public infrastructure and other community support necessary to improve the mission efficiencies and for the development and expansion of existing military installations in the State;

        (2)    identify the existing and potential impacts of encroachment on military installations in the State;

        (3)    identify potential State and community actions that may minimize the impacts of encroachment and enhance the long–term potential of military installations;

        (4)    identify opportunities for collaboration among military contractors, local governments, the State, academic institutions, and military departments to enhance the economic potential of military installations and the economic benefits of military installations to the State;

        (5)    review State policies, including funding and legislation, to identify actions necessary to provide State and local government support to the mission of each military installation in the State; and

        (6)    research how other jurisdictions have addressed the issues regarding encroachment and partnership formation, with an emphasis on the most recent edition of the joint publication of the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the United States Department of Defense entitled “Practical Guide to Compatible Civilian Development Near Military Installations”.

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